Welcome Bags for Guests

All photos via Pinterest

A few weeks ago we posted ideas for Welcome Letters to make sure your out-of-town guests have a fabulous time when they’re not partying at your wedding, but what else do you put in those welcome bags? We came up with a list of our favorite goodies people have come up with…

Water Bottles

Always number one on the list. If people are going to be walking around New York sightseeing, they’re going to need to keep hydrated. Or if they happen to party a little too hard, water is key for hangovers. You can buy regular ones OR people adore personalized bottles like these:

wedding welcome bag
wedding water bottles


Who doesn’t love snacks? We always suggest something salty and something sweet, so everyone can enjoy. Your guests will love it if you make these personal to you. If you and your fiance have a favorite local chocolate shop, get a bunch of treats from there and show your guests how great it is. Or if one of you is obsessed with Cool Ranch Doritos (just as an example…), give everyone a taste of those!

wedding welcome bag
wedding bag treats


Everyone should be celebrating your whole wedding weekend, and what better way to make that happen than with mini bottles of champagne (or prosecco)? They’re completely adorable, and your guests can pop bottles all weekend long.

wedding champagne

Hangover Kits

Water is a start, but if you know your friends really like to party, these can be a big help. Painkillers, Gatorade, a snack, and maybe even some caffeine can help them get started the day after so they’re not in bed all day missing post-wedding fun.

wedding hangover kit

Add Something Personal

If you’ve already picked out your favorite brands of snacks or personalized water or champagne bottles, then you’ve got this covered! If not, it’s always nice to add something in with a bit more personality to it. Couples can make personalized “Do Not Disturb” signs for the hotel doors, add in a favorite coffee or tea, or even make the bag itself personalized with their names and wedding date! There are options for all budgets, but the most important thing is making your guests feel like you thought about them and are grateful they journeyed to be with you.

wedding welcome bag
wedding welcome bag
wedding welcome bag