Things We Like - Favors

We always get questions from our brides about favors for their guests. Are they even necessary? How much is too much? What are some fun and different ideas? We're here for you! To get those out of the way: favors are not necessary but it is always nice to do a little something if you have a little extra room in the budget.  Here are some ideas below!

The Grandmother-Pleaser

Many cultures have traditional little gifts that are a great way to incorporate your heritage at your wedding.   For example,  Italian and Greek weddings are often ended with a gift of Jordan Almonds. In the Greek tradition, it is said that if an unmarried woman sleeps with the little bag of Jordan Almonds under her pillow, she'll dream of her future husband (that beats any bouquet toss in my opinion) For Italians, 5 almonds signify five wishes for the bride and groom - health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. 

jordan almonds

Something Bubbly

With mini champagne bottles your guests can keep toasting even after the wedding day ends! 

For Green Thumbs & Plant Lovers

Succulents are adorable, easy to take care of, and can do double duty as favors and extra decor for your wedding venue!  We also love when couples give seeds of their favorite flowers and plants - a favor that can last for a whole season!

seeds wedding favor

Late-Night Snacks

It's never a bad idea to send your guests home with more food. Cookies, chocolates, or some of your favorite snacks or sweets are all great ways to give your guests one last special treat before the night is over! (Just be careful to note of any allergens!)

cookie wedding favor
 Photo: Tanya Lippert Photography

Photo: Tanya Lippert Photography

If favors aren't for you it's always acceptable to donate to a special charity and write a card to put at everyone's place setting - "In lieu of traditional favors, a donation has been made to (charity of your choice). Thank you so much for celebrating with us on our special day!"

Let us know some of your favorite wedding favors!